Garoosh is a deadly half orc barbarian mercenary who enjoys the thrill of a good hunt and kill


wears studded leather armor and has a LARGE orc double axe


Deep in the orcish dweling of Mo’gra a half orc child was born named Garoosh. threw his young age he grew stronger from the teachings of his orc father but was taught english and humanic traditions by his human mother having these 2 opposites of teaching techniques he not only became a deadly warrior but a cunning 1 too. Everything was going as planed until a war broke out between the orcs and the dwarven clans of the Dun’morg. IN THE BATTLE HIS PARENTS WERE KILLED learning of there fate he went into a furious rage. in it he grabbed his fathers axe and armor and went to fight the dwarven menace. He slaughtered many dwarfs and destroyed there defenses. out of supplies and food the dwarven soldiers retreated. as the orcs champion they wished to name him chieftain but he refused, in his anguish over his parents after all he was only 13. during the battle a group of bandits witnessed the damage he had caused so they asked him to join there group . he accepted but a few weeks later a man paid him to kill them. seeing his skill in killing and lack of mercy he became a mercenary and has killed many men ever since.


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